Butterfly under Glass

A symbiosis made from sound, light, and movement leads to organical and technical bounderies, and creates breath taking illusions. Find more here.  

Crazy Duo live

Multiple experiences brought the young musicians Jakob Encke (violin) and Leonard Disselhorst (cello) together. They founded Crazy Duo and develop extraordinary interpretations of classical and pop tracks.  

Podium 360° Trailer

PODIUM Esslingen is a young modern music festival exploring a range of expression from traditional classical music to experimental and popular creation. The core however remains chamber music. Lean more here.

Mela at Podium

Live Sound Recording by Romualdas Urba (Syntonia Musikproduktion). Video by Matthias Heuermann. Additional Camera by Simon Höhne. The PODIUM Sessions regularly present unique and new discoveries in the crossings of classical, contemporary and pop music.   Learn more here.

Inma Galiot & La Rosa Negra

Inmaculada Galiot Martín was born in Córdoba (Andalusia, Spain). She started to play the classical guitar at the age of nine. In 2001 she got the degree in Musical Education and in 2005 the degree in Classical Guitar at the Conservatorio Superior de Córdoba Rafael Orozco.  

Django Lassi

Django Lassi is a Berlin band which wants to make your life a little richer through meditative and frenzied dance. Learn more here.

Tom Dekas Manouche 4tet

Tom Dekas leads an experimental workshop where Hot Swing, Ballads, Walses, Bossa and other styles find their creation in a free and inspired manner.   Learn more here.

Goodnight Circus

The Goodnight Circus, dessen multi-nationale Mitglieder aus den Vereinigten Staaten, Spanien und Schweden stammen, gründete sich 2010 in Berlin. Der GoodnightCircus tourte vier Mal durch die Schweiz, spielte auf dem gefeierten Wintertur Musikfest Wochen ebenso wie – neben vielen anderen Clubs – auch im legendären Moods Jazz Club in Zürich.   Learn more here.

Roland Satterwhite

Roland Satterwhite is one of Berlin’s most creative foreign musical masterminds of the underground. Being at home in different genres and musical families he explores ever new expressions of beeing together thanks to music. We made a little portrait of him beeing a travellor by nature.

Falk Bonitz Trio

The musical world of the FALK BONITZ TRIO is marked by a variety of influences from classical composers of the late Romanticism era such as Debussy and Brahms, and Latin Jazz pianists such as Chick Corea and Michel Camilo.  

The Ofri Ivzori Quartet

The Ofri Ivzori Quartet was founded in 2010 after Ofri moved from Israel to Berlin. His idea was to offer a view on his homeland Israel and to present a program combining his original compositions with jazzy interpretations of melodies from the Israeli/Jewish origins.  

National Youth Ballet on tour

To remain „in motion“ is of high priority for the National Youth Ballet. Its eight dancers are working together for two years after having finished their training. They work as soloists and members of the Corps de Ballet at the same time. The Federal Government supports the company; the dancers are guided by experienced Ballet…